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Still can't run

My knees are a bit easier, but still far too sore to run.  It's so frustrating!!

More rest, ice and ibuprofen!  Really sore walking downhill  (- everything is downhill from here) and downstairs, but have started the strength and flex programme.  I hope it will help. Probably will start walking with two treking poles.  They really take some of the pressure off your joints.  Any advice welcome!

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Too much of a novice to give advice really but i would say definitely don't do anything strenuous until you are will end up on the IC for even longer!  Very frustrating but if you take time your body will heal! Hope you have a speedy recovery.... !! 


I am not sure I can help apart from encourage you to keep motivated and focused on getting your knee fixed.  I also had a knee problems (both knees, different problem in each one!).  I had a similar problem to yours (pain going downstairs) in my right knee.  If it persists, I would go and see your doctor and if you get wishy washy advice or more instructions to rest it, push to see a knee specialist.  Once i finally got to the knee specialist, he fixed it really quickly by identifying the problem and the fix. The other knee took longer, but strengthening and building up the running slowly + orthotics did the trick.  It took me 9 months to complete the plan but now the knees are both fine so stay hopeful! Good luck.


The knees are gradually getting better, much easier now than a week ago.  I'm just keeping moving, painkillers and strengthening exercises! Seems to be doing the trick.  I'm not convinced that going to the GP would help much  at the moment.  I did do some very gentle running this morning...half of a week 1 run.  Running 60 secs but then walking for longer in between. Used some ice when I got in. So far so good.  Might try that again midweek!  So frustrating.


Ouch..missed this post but it sounds painful!


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