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Week 6 Run 2 done, with not much style and grace. I blame the long tall glass of English ale I had beforehand...not the ideal prep and not intended, just got my days mixed up, forgot I was supposed to be running and started celebrating an early end to the working week. Oops.

Kept on keeping on though and got to the warm down walk in one piece. The tunes for this week's warm down get pretty epic,  'You Light My Soul' and 'Let Me Love From The Outside In' ... I don't know who did them but I was more than glad to hear them again tonight :)

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Real ale does at least contain goodly amounts of iron, so it's not all bad.  A single shot of espresso is a good pre-run drink.  Mo Farrah recommends it. He has one immediately followed by another

Well done!  Week 6 nearly over with. It's the hardest week so it's plain sailing from here on in, if you take it nice and slowly of course

Good luck!

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Thanks miss wobble ... I'm sure you're right, hope so anyway! Now I am putting Week 6 Run 3 back a day to Sunday, hope that counts as still in the same week 😊. I have got a bit of swelling on my ankle, after tearing along far too many London streets and Tube tunnels after my son, with heavy bags. Hey ho!


Style and grace are over rated (in my opinion!). Good luck with w6r3! 

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