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Couch to 5k medals

Hi everyone, I'm new member here so please be gentle with me!

I was looking for a 5k plan and was aimlessly googling, when I came across a post here asking if there are couch to 5k medals available. Well, in my stumbling I'd come across just that, c25k medals available to buy in the UK,  so I'd thought I'd share the link!

I hope this helps someone who wants some motivation!

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In all honesty I think most of us value the little grey badge on the screen most of all. But don't forget the tech shirts and the graduation pin badges - see pinned post.

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Ive no idea, i just saw the post and thought id reply but it was 2 yrs old so i started a new one. Dont think im technically a beginner anymore as im doing my 19th marathon on sunday, best wishes.


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