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Wow I didn't expect that

So I completed W5R1.  I had had just over a week off due to holidays (this means mad DIY for me - non stop digging of the garden, stripping wall paper, decorating) and I've got to say I was doing my very best to talk myself out of the walk but I decided I didn't have any excuses good enough for me not to just do it and I also thought that if I leave it any longer I might have to re-do my last run.

So I set off and for the first time I wasn't too worried as I thought well I've already done 5 min runs and at least there is only 3 runs this time!  Within the first minute my knee was hurting but I thought I can't give up now, by the time Laura said to start walking again after the first run I actually thought no, I want to keep running - I really considered pausing her so I could but then I thought no I need to trust in her.  The same thing happened on the second 5 min run but I have to admit I was ready for walk by the 3rd one.

For the first time I don't feel worried about the next run as I think I'm ready for the two 8 min runs.  Although I am totally dreading the 20 min run that follows - I don't feel ready for that at all and after that you seem to go back - I almost want to leave that one out and jump to the next one, I won't though.

I really love this forum as when I'm having a day where I can't be bothered, the gremlins are whispering in my ear and I'm trying to find excuses I read your posts and it pushes me to do my best - thank you :-)

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Always do the sessions, do as they tell you, and never quit ☺ Get the work done and then you can crack on with the rest of your day.  Make your health the top priority ☺


Having done the 20 minute run this morning it's really not too bad. I was really dreading it as well, but as you do an 8-5-8 earlier it's really just filing in the gaps. 

So it will be fine, I was really dreading it but it was ok (still hard though)


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That's the spirit Lou ! 

Well done ! :-) xxx

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Oh thank you all. 

Pete that does make me feel better as I did the 8 5 8 last night and I have to say I really didn't enjoy it - I'm not sure if it was because I thought it would be ok or what but I just didn't enjoy it.  I did it and it was difficult but I certainly didn't feel my usual "wow I did that" and it has really put me off - not sure what to do now :-(


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