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W5R1 - I only went and did it :-o

Good lord above I've just been lulled into what I fear is a false sense of security for the coming weeks!  Just done w5r1 after a few days of a very sore knee and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Every second of it! It made me want to carry on to see how far I could go (this has been a recurring problem with me since I was 2!) but I followed orders as I'll only mess it up otherwise.  For anyone thinking of trying this programme, it's not easy but it's completely addictive this running lark :-).  Have fun peeps

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Is it ever, but I'm not disciplined enough to stop when I'm told!


You sound like a good sort to me :-). 

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I did one naughty run in week 7, one in week 8 and one again today in week 9! 

I think whilst you're still running intervals it is best to stick to the program. Stamina is still building and you don't want to risk an injury. 

Your run 3 this week will hopefully satisfy your 'what can I do?' for a while :)

Well done and good luck :)


I impressed. I have never wanted to run longer than Laura told me but obey her! 


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