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The first km of today's run was up a very slight incline and against the wind. I managed to run a little further than Monday's run although I don't know how as my legs felt heavier and my stomach hurt. Normally I run on a morning but today I ran at 16.15 so may be that's why I felt a bit weary. I have felt quite tired this week has anyone else found this when starting the longer runs? Next run is park run on Saturday I'm just hoping there's not many hills! 

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I've been lucky as my longer runs have coincided with school holidays, and time off work.

I'm back to work next week, which will coincide with my graduation week.  I have felt tired this week, but not sure whether that is due to 'relaxing' rather than working, and the awful grey wet weather we are experiencing in Scotland at the moment. 


You're probably right about relaxing too much. I'm off work this week with the kids so we're all out of routine! 


Forgot to say.....Good luck with your graduation :)

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You're only a couple of days behind me, and looking strong


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