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Running in Scottsdale

Hi I am really enjoying being back re-doing the C25K.  I have skipped a few session and now on Week 5. I am in Scottsdale, Arizona at the moment so I am on a treadmill and it was a good run this morning. Thought the jet lag would cause me a problem but I actually feel full of beans. 

I would like to run outside but I don't know the area at all and don't fancy getting lost...


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Can you run out and back in a straight line? Shame not to experience the local area through a runner's eyes. Have fun!


Oooh I love Scottsdale - the weather and the SHOPPING! There are lots of nice parks to run around so find yourself on Google maps and head out to the nearest one and run round there in the cool(?) of the evening, or early morning before the sun is too fierce.


Drive or walk your route first? I think the suggestion to look on google map for your closest park is a good one. If you go when lots of runners and walkers are about, you can ask for directions to the right exit if you get a bit lost.


I kept to the treadmill however I did climb Piestewa Peak which was some undertaking. It's the 2nd highest point in Phoenix. Halfway down I got spooked by a rattle snake and slipped causing a very black and blue backside and THREE broken nails!

Back home now and hopefully going for a run this evening.


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