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Week 7 completed

Week 7 completed

I planned a longer route than normal today, so if I had the energy, I could keep going a bit further than last time.

Despite the drizzle, and a stiff breeze I completed the circuit (6.8k) in a little under 40 minutes. I settled into my stride, and just kept on going.  And going...  

I started this program on 25th Feb, and my week 7 exploits have been far in excess of what I believed to be achievable.  The one thing I have done throughout the program, is to push the last leg as far as I could, and from week 4, aimed to run through the cool down as well, and adding an extra 5 minute walk on the end. 

I have ran fast, slowed down, sped up, and now found a comfortable speed for me at around 5:45 per km.  I realize that this is a lot faster than most, but it is a comfortable speed for me.  I have listened to the feedback from the more experienced runners, and feel I have advanced through the program as a result.  The social aspect of the program is important, and has been inspiring, informative and very helpful.

Thank you everyone for your little part in making me a runner!

Run 1 5k Parkrun in 27:29

Run 2 5.83k in 34:38

Run 3 6.86k in 39:43

I aim to consolidate at this distance for a while!  I'm running out of flat courses while avoiding roads!

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Hi, I too have finished week 7 today, you must be taking part in a different c25k to me as I do not recognise any part of your run as being on my c25k.


Not even the first 25 minutes?

What's wrong with carrying on?


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