Wobble now gone!

Just a quick update following yesterdays post when I was having problems with the gremlins of self-doubt.  All your supportive comments really helped me get my ass back into gear and remember how lucky I am to be able to run at all!  Went out with our Beginners group last night and we were running 2 x 2 mins with 2 mins recovery then 15 mins continuous.  It was great!  Breathing was a bit all over the place but it usually is and I am working on that, but the legs were good, we ended the run with a hill (I hate hills) but it was fine! Legs felt strong, I felt (briefly) invincible.  Finished on a real high and remembered why I am doing this, it makes me feel good, usually only when I have finished but occasionally even while I am running.  Thanks everyone you really helped me pick myself up again.

4 Replies

  • Well done! It usually is mind over matter - but you cracked it! :)

  • The breathing will come on...well done!

  •  A ha!  Great job !  You nailed it!  

  • Lovely! So pleased for you - it's great when it comes together - and the breathing will come together!

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