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Week 7: Start delayed by snot!

For the second time in 5 weeks, I have a sodding cold - grrr.  This one is such a corker that it required a sick day from work for the first time in 16 years.  Really annoyed, although I feel a bit better this evening, I have a lovely cough which will probably mean I'm going to lose a week.

I've signed up for Macmillan OutRun May, so I'd really like to be graduated by the end of this month.

Rant you were :)

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Oooh that's frustrating but don't rush back out there if you've got a cough.  And that's some Impressive sick record there barmy, they'd love you in the NHS 😀


I am in the public sector - the one the right wing press like to label as a bunch of lazy scroungers :)  I think I may need to take the week off from running.  I'm still amazed at how annoyed I am that I can't go out.  How times have changed :)

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Lovely image of snot there, thanks for that Maggie!! Luckily your new cute profile pic makes up for it :o)


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