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Getting back out there...

Hello all. My last run (wk7 r2) was last Weds but because of ankle/foot pain I've given myself a sabbatical on the IC until things settled down. I'm going for it tomorrow- starting back slowly though. I'm going to do a short run/walk and see how things feel and if that goes okay it'll be week 7 run 3 later in the week. I actually feel nervous! It's been lovely to read about all the progress being made- well done all! Here's hoping tomorrow goes well. Not sure I can take another week of  swimming and yoga without my running to challenge me. 

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Wise to leave running until you're feeling better. Take things easy x :-) 

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Hi Celtproff.. good to hear you are on the mend.. wondered where you had gone.. hope your walk/ run goes good tomorrow..and you get back on form:)

 I've took two days between some runs last few as my old knees are protesting lately.. been resting and icing and seems to be helping g.. week 8 starts for me on tues.. not too long to go ;)  good to have you back x

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It is hard... but go steady... not worth pushing to hard. You will get there :)


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