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W4R2 progress

Did a back to back and did W4R2. Wasn't in a great frame of mind when I left the house. Kids were driving me nuts with their mess but dodged the rain to get out and ended up having a great run. Ditched the thermal leggings and top too as I felt a bit hot for the first time yesterday. So glad I did it. Aiming to get out again Tuesday to finish week 4 and actually feel excited 😊

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Wow well done. Was that two days in a row then? I've got run two after work tomorrow and like you must shed some item of clothing or I will melt!!

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Hi there. Yes two days in a row. The rain stopped for a bit do thought I'd go for it as tomorrow looks like it might be a bit wet. I'm a real fairweather runner but living in Scotland you need to downgrade your idea of fair weather lol. I've really struggled with what to wear recently. I'm either too hot or too cold but after ending the run looking like a beetroot yesterday I thought I'd risk going without the winter gear and I think it paid off. Good luck tomorrow. I'll look out for your post to see how you get on 😊


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