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W7R2: face now same colour as shirt

Got out about 9am while husband snoozed. Beautiful morning, surprisingly warm and sunny. Went pretty well, all told. Got round my route without a hitch, no interruptions and finished off further than I ever have. Think I might have set off a bit fast, my legs and brain started protesting quite quickly, but I tried to slow down and just kept going. It was a bit tough here and there in the sun (may need to get some shorts) and tough around the 18/19 minute mark which coincides with a shallow but long incline but I'm getting better at coping with the tough patches.

Made the mistake of looking in the mirror when I got home. Face had turned the same colour as my purplish running top!

I'm struggling getting my head round the idea that on Valentines Day, when I did W1R1, I struggled with just 8 minutes of running, and here I am doing 25 continuously.

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Well done! I just did W6 R3 and my face was also beetroot coloured for ages afterwards. Not long to go! 25 minutes was long enough for me, how long is week 7?


Also 25, so exactly the same as W6R3. It took me two attempts to nail W6R3, so I could move on to week 8 now but I think I'll do it one more time as I'm enjoying the programme too much and want to eke it out.


Well done Vivster! I know the feeling of progress - that's the best bit!


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