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W2R2 - running in the rain!

I had such great plans for yesterday. I've been really busy at work wed/thu/fri, including evening meetings wed/thu, then out with friends for food on Friday nite, so by yesterday morning had only managed one week 2 run. Great, I thought, I can get up early (well, early for me) and run before the weather turns as I know it's supposed to get wet by lunchtime.

I obviously turned my alarm off at 8am and went straight back to sleep, next thing I knew I was being woken by the doorbell at 11am! 😳 it was my mum and dad who were 'just passing' and thought they'd call in! Just goes to prove I'm a proper sleepyhead, I'd sleep the clock round if you let me. I'll never be an early morning runner! 😴

Anyway, by this point it was definitely raining, but I dragged myself out anyway. Warm-up walk didn't so much warm me up as it did make me long for Laura's voice to tell me to start running so I could literally warm up! Do people do anything different when trying to do warm-up walk in the rain? I was freezing!

All in all it wasn't a bad run, I actually quite enjoyed running in the rain once I got going, although I did look like someone had dunked me in the local pond by the time I got home, and had to run with my phone stuffed up my sleeve for fear it got wet and stopped working! Week 2 hasn't been that bad so far, I've found the first couple of running sessions I'm longing for the 90 seconds to be up but then it gets easier, and the overall time seems to fly past, probably because there are fewer overall running bits (6 vs 8 in week 1 I think? Maths isn't my strong point).

W2R3 will be the challenge. Planned for tomorrow evening, it'll be the first time I have to make myself go running after being at work all day as I'm back on full working weeks from tomorrow.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, having plotted my route carefully (I'm trying to get to know parts of my local area I'd never go to) I did get slightly lost! Not too much though😳

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