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Completed week 6

So I've finally completed week 6 after having redone week 5. My wife/running partner had a knee injury that caused her to drop out for a week so rather than go on ahead I redid week 5 with her.  I'm finding it ok although I think my pace is a bit slow. 

The weird thing is that towards the end of my last run we both seemed to be naturally increasing our pace. Even when we finally stopped it felt like my legs wanted to keep running.  

The wife seems to be finding it harder than me, struggling to get a steady breathing rhythm especially in a high wind. She does have slight asthma so it's understandable. 

Anyhow we were both really encouraged to finish week 6. Our goal is to run round the local park. It's 5.6km round. We can now actually believe we will be able to do it. 

 6 weeks ago we struggled to run for a minute. Now we can do 25. It's a great feeling. 

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Well done to you both :D it is amazing how quickly you see and feel the improvements, a great goal to motivate you :) 


Well done to both of you, it's all coming together. 


Brilliant.. but, keep it slow and steady and get to that Nine week 30 mins run!

Sounds wonderful!

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