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W6R3: this time it’s personal


So pacing and rhythm are important, it seems. Who knew? 

I was feeling so nervous about trying this run again after burning out at 18 minutes on Easter Sunday. I had job-interview level nerves. I even went out and walked my route on Easter Monday to try and figure out the pacing.

After all the rain yesterday, it was a lovely cool and clear morning and I was in my new short-sleeved running top. I set out nice and slow, a few gremlins appeared early on but didn’t hang around and by the 5-minute mark I was into quite a nice rhythm. I stuck to this, and hit the halfway point bang on where I expected to. I was still feeling nice and fresh, no breathing problems, I kept on. Shortly after, the “it’s not so easy now” song came on, which is when I really started to struggle on Sunday, and comparing how far I’d got round, I knew I’d gone off way too fast the other day. I plugged on. Just when I was thinking I might have a cheeky look at the time to see if I’d got past my burnout point, Laura came on with my five-minute warning. Felt so good in the those last five minutes. Breathing was fine, legs not too bad, and I was not overheating - the short sleeves and earliness of the hour made a real difference. Finished in style, speeding up, admittedly on a downhill slope.

I am so chuffed, as I was worried 25 minutes was beyond me, but this actually felt easier than W5R3 - no boiling jelly in human form. Also, I am officially a runner! I was super slow, though.

I’ll see how I find the next two 25-minuters and if I’m still feeling good will move on to Week 8.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to give me support and advice after my bad run. It really made a difference and I have my mojo back.

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Brilliant ! Vivster, It just goes to show how good the programme is, and how good we are when we put our minds to it. My 25 minute starts tomorrow. 

vivsterGraduate in reply to Patrick1942

Thanks, Patrick. Good luck for tomorrow!


There now, knew you could do it! Lots of consolidation now and only small increases to take you up to graduation! 

You are a runner!

We knew you had it in you. Well done viv :)


That's great! I was wondering how you were getting on. Well done- I knew you could do it! 


I love your post!

Things that you read about in the early weeks and kind of think 'that's the professionals talking, I'll never 'get' there' all start to make sense. We all tune in to ourselves and our runs (plods/shuffles!!) and there really is a turning point around end of week 6/ into 7 where we truly believe the program is working!

I'm still in awe at each of us, it's just amazing!

I reckon you'll be fine now Vivster. If you have a bad run, it is just one bad run, it's not because 'you can't do it'.

Once Laura tells you 'you are a runner' there's no looking back :)

Well done :)

Well done on completing that run, and I think being super slow is the idea!  Pacing is hard though.  Good luck with week 7!


You did it.. well done..slow and very steady!


Fab! Well done

Well done vivster. Sounds like you have cracked it now... :) you dont need walking breaks now just slow steady runs to take you on to graduation. Good luck. :)


Brilliant ! Well done Viv !

We knew you could do it ! Good on ya :-) xxx


Vivster just read your previous post if it's of any help I really struggled with that run too. I'm so glad you made it. I think we're all doing really well. 😀😀😀

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