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W6R1 😀

Delayed my W6R1, (wow W6) due to the awful weather when I got home from work however I was itching to get out so 7pm off I went. It was chucking it down & really cold & windy but apart from the rain I prefer it colder so all good in that respect.

I found my pace had upped a tad & I managed 3 PB's, hit my 2miles, well 2.1 to be exact lol which I think is approx 3.3k, 15min mile, started at just under 18 on W1R1 & my pace has increased. Not much to some but for me they're huge achievements 😀

I wasn't quite ready to finish at the end so did a bit of a sprint to finish off which felt amazing although wouldn't be able to do that for long haha 

I do need some advice though please my lovely running family. I've had a niggly knee for as many years as I can remember, I twisted it & tore a ligament years ago & it's really niggling when I start my run.  It takes a good 10 minutes before it feels ok. Any tips please? It's my right knee sort of to the left of my knee cap. It sometimes twinges just going downstairs so it's not because I'm running.

All in all a great run & I'm finding I'm looking at longer routes rather than sticking to 'oh I'll go that way it's shorter' & I think the running bug is definitely here :)

Good luck this week everyone x

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Well done Vicky, another box ticked.

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Well done Vicky, I'm not far behind you.  I'm not sure about knees but I think there are some specific knee strengthening exercises you can do on rest days.  Hopefully someone with experience in that area will be able to advise you

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I've no idea about the knee but will look out for the expert responses as I'm in a similar predicament after the same run yesterday! 


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