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Couch to 5K
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Leisurely 5K... More cherry tomato than beetroot - happy days! :)

Just cherry tomato face after today's run - a really good 5K! Much more fun than Friday's beetroot!

Aches didn't feel bad this afternoon and I was twitching... Bright sunshine, blue sky, lovely smell of freshly cut grass, kids playing and birds tweeting en route to the trusty canal... A lovely day for a run! No plans or grand ideas today for speed, distance, world domination... Just a chilled-out Sunday trot :)

And that's exactly what it was. A chilled out 37 minutes that felt much more leisurely, comfortable and enjoyable, evenly paced for each K, not pushing too hard, no niggles or ouchies, no pressure on myself, just a nice 5K :) Waving to the boat people, nodding to the dog walkers, laughing at an over-excited pup with an enormous stick who nearly tripped me up.

No trumpets of glory from the gadget today, but whilst that would be nice, this today is what I signed up for - just to be able to run, feel good, enjoy it and have it become a regular 'me' thing.

Hopefully no aches tomorrow, these legs need to get used to 15K a week for a while ;)

Well done newbies, middleys, nearly there's and grads for your runs this weekend. :)

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Simply lovely. I can just see you!

Beautiful post too...the kind of run that lifts the spirits and cheers the heart!

I head for a similar run tomorrow.. I hope. I won't see the ducks.. or the boats.. but may have the company of son in law with me :)

Glad you are recovered and no aches and pains...

The three runs a week all seem to fall into place.. some a bit shorter, some a bit longer...but I feel taking it steadily is the way to go, certainly for me anyway. :)

What is it they say?

"Where we are headed, is more important than how fast we are going"... so true...!

Lovely, Nat x

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I am loving your post, thank you for sharing xx

That is right where I want to be in a few weeks/months.

Just able to head out and get some 'me' space (well, me and the dawg, can't imagine not taking her now!) in lovely surroundings whilst not completely 'busting a gut'!

I think of this often then a couple of minutes into the run when my gremlins are most agitated I feel it's never going to happen. But then at Christmas I would never have believed that I would be running for 25 minutes, so I shall remain optimistic!!

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It will happen if you stick at it. And it really is beautiful when it does!


Ah that's such a lovely post Nat ! Isn't it great just to go out for a run , just for the love of it , and taking in all our surroundings ?

Your post says it all , Happy running ! :-) xxx

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Sounds lovely, I wish I had a canal or somewhere scenic to run.

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