First Real Outdoor Run... W5R1

First Real Outdoor Run... W5R1

Set off way too fast (some might say even my last leg was too fast...), and gained a stitch on leg 2 as punishment.

Had planned a nice route around a local park, got lost, but kept on going.

Kept up my habit of trying to build stamina and ran through the cool down period, making a 10 minute last leg. Very pleased when I saw the stats, and according to Garmin I almost ran 5k in the 30 minutes...

I am really enjoying this running lark, although I think today was much harder than my treadmill experiences!!!

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  • Great stuff..but slow down maybe?

    The programme is, as I am sure others, when they reply, will echo, about Stamina not distance.. Running for 30 minutes , Week 9.

    Running outside is just amazing, but pace yourself and don't risk pushing yourselves too hard too quickly.

    Well done :)

  • I know. It is just I, er, can't slow down....! I can only shorten my pace as any other cadence is uncomfortable.

    You can see my pace drop off at the end but I maintain my cadence. I wasn't clock watching and genuinely surprised by my pace as I normally have a treadmill to keep me in check.

    Back to the treadmill on Tuesday, then I have a transatlantic flight home before the dread W5R3... That's going to be outdoors as well, on the Aberdeen promenade!!!

  • Sounds bracing!!!! :)

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