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Help! Where has the app gone?!!

I'm on week 4 and for the last couple of runs, the app has been buggy. When I slide through the runs at the top, it got stuck on the last one I completed and wouldn't let me do the next one or just repeat the last one I did. I tried exiting the app over and over, turning my phone off and on again several times but there's no rhyme or reason to when it will work.

Soooo, I did an uninstall and now I can't find it on the app store again to redownload it! So sitting here raring to go in my running gear but can't get any technology to work! I know there's a podcast but I'm used to running with the app and my own music. I skipped forward in the podcast and I'm really not up for all that lift music. I might just have to grin and bear it but that's not how I envisaged tonight's run!

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The app link is on the NHS choices website. Not sure why it never appears when you search the paly store but it does't!


I gave up on the App half way through, it can be flaky! Downloaded the Podcasts, once they are on ur phone they are yours to use. Hope u get sorted, frustrating when technology gets in the way. Julie


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