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W4R2 - North easterlies and fried chicken

Was looking forward to this one today after the positive experience of Tuesday. It was sunny most of the day but after work if had gone overcast and when I got to the seafront those North easterlies were cutting right through me. No chance of getting too hot tonight! Legs were a bit stiff at first but seemed to improve through the first run. I was without my watch again (being good) so didn't know how long I had left until I got the notification after each interval. However on the first 5 minute run I found a nice rhythm but then I changed direction and got that blasted wind again (the weather sort 😀).

The second 3 minutes felt hard but the second 5 minutes felt really good, but I ran past KFC and the smell was too much so after I finished, I went through the drive thru and got enough chicken for four people, to be consumed by two... Oh well, at least it's plenty of protein!!

Roll on Sunday for run 3, need to figure out how to have enough energy in the morning as I won't be able to run at any other time of the day.

Happy weekend all 😀

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Week done for getting the run done. Make sure you're really hydrated for your next run as it makes a big difference to your energy levels and helps to prevent you from eating stodge. 🙂

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Hydration is an ongoing problem for me as I know I just don't drink enough, something I am trying to sort out!


Well done on that run.... not sure about that fried chicken though!!! :)

You will have plenty of energy for you run... take it steady and slow and you will get there...listen to IP too, plenty of hydration! :)

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