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Week 8 4K in 30 minutes and a MEDAL 😃

Week 8 4K in 30 minutes and a MEDAL 😃

Hello!!! I'm feeling happy today! I think I've caught this running bug everyone talks about that I NEVER EVER thought I'd catch!

After my graduation with the club on Tuesday night I went out last night without the club and ran for 30 minutes no stopping I can't quite believe it?! I'm still doubting myself and telling myself but I'm not really fast enough I'm not really a runner I haven't really got fitter. I guess I have, I must have, 8 weeks ago I struggled to run for 1 minute.

I got a medal for completing the beginners Running club and I'm so chuffed with it 😃😃😃

I have also ordered my new trainers I can't wait for them to arrive 😃😃😃

I love reading all the posts on here I wish I'd found this site when I first begun my learning to run journey.

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You're definitely a runner and you have a medal to prove it, well done! :)


Well done! How cool that you have a medal too! I'm sure this will be the first of many :)


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