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C25K W10R2 !!

C25K  W10R2 !!

Now you are all worried thinking you haven't finished the program !! In reality it's just my 2nd post grad run. As usual I woke up really feeling I could do without a run. 2 sips of water, loads of neoprene and my dads old jogging bottons and I'm out of the door.

Since graduating I said I wanted to do a few more weeks of just running the 30 mins (Hopefully 5K) Mon,Wed and Friday and then see how it goes.

It's a funny thing running, you have your 'ears in' listening to your favourite music and you think that would be enough wouldn't you.....just plod along for 30 minutes with not a care in the world....But Oh No....the little voices start ......'run a bit further today'.....'don't go that way'.......try going down there.....'are you going too fast'....

I'm sure we have all heard them, or perhaps they just talk to me???

Once I started I had ideas of perhapstrying a 35 minute run today by adding a little extra loop here and a slight variation to my normal route, there.

I carry a watch which I try not to look at until after I have ground to a halt and I also use a great app called 'STRAVA' which a friend recommended and its brilliant and it keeps us in touch as he follows my runs and me his.

Anyway the run was going well. not too out of breath too many times and I felt confident to add a few extra loops here and there etc and when got to where I wanted to stop ecked 'STRAVA' to find I'd run 6.1K and I'd run for 00:37:17

So all in all very pleased.....

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Nice one!


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