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I am taking this programme a bit slower than average - I have found it best to have 2 days in between each run so 3 runs every 9 days not every 7 days - so I reached the dreaded 20 min run yesterday - amazed to say it didn't seem quite as bad as I thought - I am sure all the assurances in these posts helped a lot because I believed it was possible.

And now I know I can do a longer run I have no excuses any more - my geek son says its the Harry Potter patronus thing - he knew he could do it because he'd already done it.

The main problem was having to trot around in a circle getting a doggy poo bag out and trying to scoop on the move - my dog thought it was a good game but I'm sure the walkers in the park thought I was an escaped nutter - but I was scared to stop in case I didn't start again.

Onward and upward - I see that a lot of people find week 6 harder.

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Well done, that run is a massive boost. People seem to find different stages difficult so you may sail through week 6, I found it absolutely fine. I really think the trick is to go slow and if you are struggling just go slower. Take confidence it what you've achieved, you have more behind you already achieved than in front of you to conquer!


Sounds like you are on. on a roll. Week 6 is fine. Just take it nice and slow. Well done for getting this far.


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