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Pride comes before a fall :(

so having graduated nearly 6 months ago, I kept running all through the winter and not a sign of a sniffle or a cold. (I'd had a small cold during the weeks but nothing that stopped me for more than a week.)

Today is a week since my last run :(

Have had three days nailed to my bed. Came back to work. still have a cough and very tired but... im on the mend and planning to test the water on Thursday with a short 20 mins before work!

So to the title - I'd been so pleased with myself - this running lark had not only made me fitter it had made me resistant to the winter lurgy. Well obviously not resistant but seriously I do think this fitter me has meant i could fight off more infections than I would have before and for that I am grateful.

Can't wait to pull on those trainers and get out and about again!

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Yes, seem to be able to fight off infections better, since I've been fitter, but still doesn't stop you getting the lurgy from others especially children, when inside a warm building together, being outside in the cold is good for us in that respect, as long as we've enough clothing on..

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I agree - I have missed nearly all of the lurgies this winter, and I work in a junior school so am constantly exposed to them! Horrible one going round at the moment actually, so fingers crissed😮!


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