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Week 8 Running for 30 minutes 😳

So it's the final night of the learn to rub club tonight and it's a run for 30 minutes. My ankle still hurts so that's about of a drag but apart from that I'm ready to tackle this. I will slow my pace right down (hmmmm 🐢🐢🐢 comes to mind) and try and enjoy it! I have picked a pair of gorgeous bright new running trainers to suit my gait analysis so I'm going to order them tonight as my reward for completing the course 😃

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Your pace should be ultra slow. Slow gives you time to catch your breath, and not run out of steam before the job is done. Running with others for week 8 might not be the best plan in some respects, as you might overdo it in an effort to keep up

If, on the other hand, they are at the same level then you should be fine. Just relax and have a good time

Good luck! ☺

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