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Week 5 Run 1 - went well 😀

I was looking forward to this one. Maybe because it's a bit less total running than last week 😉. Three lots of five minutes: bish bash bosh.

Lovely chilly morning. I could see my breath. Run 1 went really well. I felt fresh and enjoyed it. Run 2, where the terrain gets a bit more tricky, the gremlins appeared, trying to persuade me to give up and go home, but I plugged on. Wondered if Laura had abandoned me at the midpoint of Run 2, and thought maybe she wasn't going to bother with a halfway time check, but she eventually cut in. Then it wasn't too long before she was saying I only had another 60 seconds, then I knew I'd be okay.

Had to extend the walk a bit in order to get safely on the other side of the main road. I'm not beating myself up about that anymore. It's not a test. Final run was slow, the first half is up a slight incline, so I have to just be patient and grind it out until the incline is behind me, then the last bit is easy, as the street levels out.

Sorry, that's a long post about a fairly uneventful run!

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Never an uneventful run... you ran it! That's a big event! Well done! I'm just in from w5r2..and it was great.. tough near the end as they all are..but you will manage.. x good luck x

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Well done vivster. Week 5 was my favourite.. go smash it. :) And tell us how you did it.....


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