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W4R1, gait analysis fail but new shoes on the way!

Week 4 run 1 completed. I'd been feeling a bit under the weather last week. A cold was making me feel blocked and achey so it was the longest I've left in between runs - W3R3 on Monday, W4R1 on Saturday. I was still coming out the other end of the cold so I toyed with the idea of rerunning a W3 but it was such a nice day and with it being the weekend, I could run during daylight. I found it tough, but again not undoable.

Gait analysis was fun in town...I went in, we concluded I had moderate pronation. I warned her I had big feet but she didn't seem to believe me which was amusing. As we went up through the sizes into mens, the size 10s fitted (I'm normally an 8.5 in 'normal' shoes!). With them being one of the most popular mens sizes, they had nothing left on offer, so nothing under £110. Well that wasn't about to happen! So I've ordered a few on sale pairs from Brooks to see if any of those are any good. Fingers crossed!

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Glad you're making progress. Hope the new shoes help😀


I'm normally size 8 and thought I had big feet. I need men's running shoes as well. My parents always said "I stood on my own fair share of England"!

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Love that!


I wear Brooks. Love em :D


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