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Ankle trouble!!


I was conquering my week 7 problems.. Managed the 25 mins on Friday... Yeah!!! But now I'm really struggling with my right ankle.. It's not bothered me at all until now.. It's an old injury where I missed the bottom stair 2 years ago and had a bad sprain.. I know I probably need to rest it.. But I'm desperate to keep going with the programme.. I've ordered an ankle support which hopefully will help.

I'm gutted as I am really enjoying the plan.. I couldn't run at all a few wks ago and now I'm doing 25 mins.. Still can't quite believe it!!

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Hey I'm also in week 7 and also having pain in my right ankle 😔 Like you I don't want to stop either. I'll be interested to read the advice in the replies. Well done on completing the 25 min run I did mine today too oooh it was tough!

I have problems with my left ankle from an untreated break 18 months ago. I've found just proper stretches (Ice and ibuprofen post running), strengthening exercises and investing in decent trainers the best thing I've done for it.

Dont cause more injury by running on it I had to rest for a week while i sorted it out


Brilliant progress.. well done!

The ankle support will probably help. I tore my Achilles tendon a few years ago, and it has helped tremendously!

Also, as advised by others, lots of strength and flex exercises! :)

Keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get any worse, ask advise from your gp if it does. I had exactly the same injury as you last year running to get to the door bell and twisted my ankle, it niggled for ages. The thing I have found that has helped it is leg stretches and squats. I think I had quite a lot of weakness in my legs and just by supporting all the joints it seemed to of helped so it might be worth a shot. I think the squats helped the most as when I frist started doing them my ankle felt like it was going to give but after reading your post it has occurred to me that doesn't happen any more. If it really is too painful to do a squat then maybe seek advise.

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