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Bye bye Week 4

Just back from Wk4 run3.

Things I have learned: I am definitely a morning run person. Too many people and cars out this afternoon, plus it's a sunny day and running with the sun beating down on you makes a difference it seems. I'm still in my long sleeved running top, although left the woolly hat at home. I'd also forgotten to have my usual drink of water before setting out which made me slightly anxious. I was fine though.

I had intended to go out early but last night we were at a 40th birthday party on the other side of London and didn't get home till 1am, and I couldn't face an early run. I definitely prefer them though.

Went out with my husband, got round ok. Had to pause the first 5 minuter in order to cross the wretched south circular safely, but otherwise no hitches. Put on my usual burst of speed in the final minute, and then my husband has to go and harsh my buzz by telling me the street slopes slightly downhill at that point. 😠 He's now gone off for a proper run. 😬

Bring on a Week 5!

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Husbands... Hmmm ;)

You did great, good luck with week 5 and well done for completing week 4... The time will fly by, you'll graduate and feel unbelievably fantastic. Go you!


I had the same thing with the sun today! I get overheated really easily (even when not running!) so I much prefer the cold chilly mornings! I'm also a morning runner, also partly because of the lovely lack of other people, hehe!

Just for the record, I think a burst of speed at the end is impressive even if it is a bit downhill!

Good luck with week 5 🍀


Thank you. He's a darling really, but I still maintain the street is pretty flat at that point.

Dont know where the time has gone. Can't believe I'm about to start the dreaded week 5...


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