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W3 complete :)


But my word was that a hard run today. My feet & shins were aching so much I almost gave up but I didn't!! I didn't pause or cut my 'run' (slow jog lol) times down so I completed it with pride and in myself. My breathing did seem easier this week though & although I was shattered by the end it was my legs & feet not my breathing that was bothering me.

I don't think it helps that the first half of my run is mostly up hill & by hill I mean hill! Think I may change my route around for W4 & try it in reverse so I'm finishing on a downhill instead.

Good luck everyone for next week :)

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Well done, Vicky! I live on a halfway up a massive hill, but run a route that's about as flat as possible round here, so I admire you going up hills.

Best of luck with Week 4. I've just completed it and lived to tell the tale.

vickyb5277 in reply to vivster

Thank you & well done you!! It's so hilly round me that if I run flat/downhill it's uphill to get back & vice versa lol. Been doing up hills since day 1 for that reason so maybe I should be a little less hard on myself X

Well done to you for pushing through this run, you did fantastically well. Good luck with week 4, keep it up... Nice and slow :)

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