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Today is the day. Sun is shining and I'll go later. To be honest didn't think I'd live through W1! I will say this... I have noticed that the day after my runs when the afternoon comes I feel very strange like a different kind of tired. I don't like that feeling! and least of all when I'm sat in a busy office at work!. It get the mental gremlins going about wether my heart can tae all this.. sounds daft I know.

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Mr Mannering, Sir, if you are in any doubt about starting this programme it may be wise for you to see your GP for a check-up first. Most of us wil be out of breath with a hammering heart when we first start or when we start to pick up the pace but if you haven't exercised for a while its always helpful to speak with your GP to get the all clear. Good luck with the programme - hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


Sorry - have just read your other post about health worries. Should have read that first!

As well as making sure you have plenty of fluid on board as Lisa has suggested, when you get those weird tired feelings, make sure you breathe deeply and slowly for a minute or so. Often when we get worried we breathe only with the upper parts of our lungs; make sure you are sucking in air right to the bottom and feel those lungs properly expand! Enjoy the breaths. Your heart is a fabulous muscle that likes being exercised. x

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Not daft at all, I feel the same way. Plus I get that weird tiredness as well which is a bit unsettling at times. I think it's just our bodies getting used to all the changes. Make sure you are drinking enough water, I know I don't and it's something I'm trying to change. Well done for starting this, you will have good and bad days but I'm sure we'll all get there!


Okay... You told us before that have been checked out and all seems okay.

You are clearly still worried about the way you feel, it won't go away over night.

So.. on the positive side :)

You have completed Week 1 and are still here to tell the tale..brilliant..huge well done. :)

But.. you are still worrying and the feelings that you are getting on the day after your run, I feel, are a direct result of the amount of adrenalin and energy you are burning up on your run days.

jojo is right.. lots of deep breathing may help.. good strong breaths

I assume you practice relaxation techniques anyway, and those will help. But not immediately.

Brilliant, yoga trick I have used is to close one nostril with finger on the side, breath in through other nostril, deeply, then, close that one off and breathe out through other.. counting slowly as you breathe.

Hard to do in an office, but possible!

Think in small steps...

Slow and really steady steps...

You are doing it, and you can carry on.. loads of us right there with you!

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