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Week 9... Complete :D

So psyched to have completed this programme! I gave Laura a little rest as the file was refusing to play so I ran using my own playlist. Fear Factory and System of a Down sponsored my graduation run :D

Running (and exercise in general) is not something that comes naturally to me and I've started and failed this programme two times already due to lack of discipline, running too fast and generally being an overconfident knob, getting an injury and raising my fist to the sky screaming "damn you, why did you give me the mind of a runner and the legs of a small micro-pig!".

So anyway, for those of you restarting currently and or currently reading this on the sofa building up the courage to restart this programme don't be afraid to forgive yourself and give it another go. You will actually thrill yourself one day.

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Congratulations. Remember to keep that discipline in place and don't "over do it" in the next few months ☺

Enjoy your new found running skills!

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Woohoo congratulations on graduating 😀



Congratulations on graduating and well done for your persistence. Enjoy life as a graduate runner!👍


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