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Ran anyway

I'm still not completely recovered from my cold, although I'm a lot better. But I dreamt about running last night. While falling asleep I thought about how I would get up early (for a Sunday) and at least give it a try. I wouldn't have to run the whole way. But I HAD TO get out. So I did.

No cough while running, but a fair bit of spluttering afterwards. It was worth it though. I wasn't fast by any means (Well let's face it I never am) but I ran for 30 mins with comparative ease (how cool is that - wouldn't have believed it possible 2 months ago!) and I enjoyed myself. I decided not to overdo it and stopped at 4 k - the only problem with that is being 1 km away from home and cooling down really quickly (it's only 3 degrees C here).

But what a good feeling! No gremlins, rather the opposite - those pixies telling me to keep going and the sensible part of me warning me not to overdo it.

So the first run after the dreaded lurgy is now done. It can only get better! I'm really looking forward to next week now!

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Brilliant... well done you!

It is so good to be out ain't it? Worth the spluttering... I am sounding like a pair of wheezy old bellows,this morning... but do not regret last week's runs one bit... Going to get out there tomorrow too!

Sounds like a good first time out run too..nice to have pixies on your side too... maybe they are friends with the fairies in the oak trees in my last posts :) Unlike secan's pixies!

Glad you feel a bit better .. keep warm and keep well


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Glad you're starting to feel better and happy to hear that you ran the 30 without a hitch. I've been pondering how it would be without the extra incentive of graduation.

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I was a bit worried as well, but at the moment there's no chance of me stopping. I don't want or need a new programme yet - have to consolidate. And there's always the c25k+ podcasts.

Or you could go on to 10 k. You're very fast, you'd probably love it. I think that's what I'm aiming for - but first the 5 kms have to become easier.

Whatever you do, we'll cheer you on!

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Definitely not contemplating 10k yet! I'm just going to concentrate on 5k at the moment until it feels like it's not enough and I want to do more.


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