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W2 r2 5k2WKW

W2 r2 5k2WKW

I've wanted to run in Centerparcs for ages. On my plan I was due to run 8k in the middle of the week and then 7.5 on Friday. Instead I did run 1 on Wednesday and I've done 2 yesterday and will to 3 tomorrow as we're here in Sherwood forest till Monday morning.

By far the hardest part of this run was before reaching 500m. The most comfortable was at around 5k and I found myself thinking 'it's just another 15ish mins of running' as I was running at between 4:50 - 5:15 per km at that point.

I was delighted to see that my fastest KM was 7 - 8 (4:47), looking forward to 7.5k tomorrow. I hope the weather's as nice.

I found myself being a bit self conscious yesterday, I've very recently bought a (bright) glow orange running top and stood out a little!

Thanks for your time :)

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Great time Mik!

You and I remarkably similarly paced.

My 5k PB is 23:31, I can do 8k in 39 mins and 10k in about 48 mins.

Are you on Strava at all? There's actually a NHS C25K community on there if you're interested:




Super speedy! Well done🙂. I wouldn't worry about the orange top; I recently bought a fluorescent yellow one and felt the same at first...but aren't they what proper runners wear?!😉


Thanks Sandra :) Before now I was running in an old black university hoodie, so it's much better. Handy just to have a little pocket to put my keys (or a map when I'm running somewhere new). I feel it did show to people passing by that I wasn't just an occasional runner - looked much more like a regular runner :)

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