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Saturday Morning second run

here in Kent spring has arrived, my run takes me through woods across a golf course and out into open fields before taking me back into woodland gain,

I have the remainder of a cold so breathing not as comfortable as I know it can be but pushed on anyway and completed W1 R2.

what I noticed it is not my psychical state that prevents me from running rather the little voice that says to me as I am running " you will never be able to run for 30 mins, you will never lose that extra weight, you look ridiculous!!"

the joy of seeing your success stories on here shows me I can do all I want to achieve and that I need to listen to your experience rather than my negativity.

I have decided to set a goal of a park run on graduation and a couple of 5k local runs for charity this summer off to research them now :-)

looking forward to W1 R3 on Monday morning.

thanks for the encouragement


p.s note to self and others don't buy trainers off line without trying them on first !!! toooooo tight

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That sounds like a lovely run Nick. Really well done for starting and for getting the second one done. The gremlins can play havoc with your self confidence so do what I did when I started this. Don't let them anywhere near your head. Lock them up, shoot them and forget they ever existed. You don't need them and you can do this with you own self belief and the support of this great forum.

Most of us said the same thing when we started - that we'd never be able to run for 30 minutes, but follow the programme, run very slowly and you will be running for 30 minutes. Honest.

It's great that you have some goals too. That'll keep the interest up when you graduate! I look forward to following your progress. Good luck and enjoy it!


thank you glad to see its not only me with gremlins :)


That sounds like a nice place to run Nick forget the 30 min and just take it 1 run at a time, one week at a time. The runs you do this week prepare your body for the longer runs next week. That's how it works and it works really well. Your body is healing and strengthening on your rest days and bit by bit you get there.



thank you I will take your advice this Sunday to thought I will do another run and get ahead of myself, however i am listening to more experienced graduates like you have made it there by following the programme. I shall do away with my natural impatience :)


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