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Week 8 Run 3

Week 8 Run 3

Hi everyone,

I finished work at 2 pm today, the sun was shining brightly and the temperature was a balmy 9 C.

So I got home and changed straight into my running gear, it was so nice I wore shorts for the first time instead of running tights. I even wore my Rayban Aviators as it was so bright, I will be wearing my wraparounds next time though as I'm sure I didn't look cool constantly pushing my glasses back up my nose every few strides, or cleaning the sweat from the lens as I couldn't see properly 😀

I really enjoyed the run itself though and I reversed my route today to change things about a bit.

I also thought it was about time I just logged my actual run and stopped including the warm up/cool down walks too.

I'm happy to report that over 28 mins I managed nearly 4.3k's so I would hope for around 4.6k from my first few 30 minute runs.

Best k was 6’18 with an average pace of 6'36 and I'm really chuffed with that.

So that's Week 8 completed and I'm really looking forward to Week 9

Have a great weekend everyone


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Sounds like you are doing brilliantly and will be graduating with ease. Well done.

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Thank you 😀

I'm not sure I will be doing it with ease as I a right sweaty, puffing mess at the end on my runs.

I do always have a great big smile on though.



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