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A foggy Wk4 Run 2

Well, after a so-so Run 1, I felt Run 2 went a lot better. I extended my route a bit, so I did a big loop of the common, rather than just running across and back, and this meant the session fit nicely. I covered about 3.8km, including the warm-up and cool-down walks.

Cold and foggy this morning, I often couldn’t see very far ahead. Made it quite atmospheric - I always find it a bit spooky on the common anyway, but this was spookier. Anyway, did all the runs just as Laura told me to. No need to take any breaks or pause the programme, and I found I got into a nice rhythm, especially on the 5-minute runs. I focused on not going too fast, keeping it slow and steady, and I got round fine. I actually had enough in the tank to speed up on the last minute, and felt good and strong. No issues with stitch, and when I felt myself getting a bit out of breath I slowed down and took some deep breaths.

No runner’s high like last Friday, but I’m quietly satisfied. Can’t quite believe the progress I’m making. Week 5 is starting to feel really close now.

My woolly hat is making my head too sweaty now. I think I need to change it for a headband.

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Well done :)

I think that learning 'slow and steady' really means just that is the most important factor from this stage onwards.

I've just done week 5, I'm covering about the same distance as you :)

Stay confident, the plan works!


Thanks! I read your account of the 20-minuter.... well done!

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Well done you... go for the deserve a treat!


I will! I have scoped one out on the RunnersNeed website.

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