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Hi all, after my first post and a lot of encouragement to keep at it on here I thought I'd go out again. W1D1 was pretty unsuccessful for me and along with worrying chest pains and dizziness was enough for me to call it a day. However I had 2 rest days due to other commitments and thought right I'll do it again. I took the advice on here about slowing the pace etc and off I went and I am pleased to say that I completed all 8 runs and felt ok after. Obviously I was out of puff but the dizziness and awkward chest feeling were not there. I'm not out of the woods with my health anxiety(mostly around my heart) as my body will zone in on any peculiar feeling and let's be fair you get a few of those when you start to exercise!.. Anyway guys thanks for the push! I'll keep you posted.

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