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Sort of starting again

I completed (or graduated) C25K a while ago, but over the last six months I have not done much in the way of running (work & personal stuff). So, I started again two days ago - well I returned to week 3. It is surprising how hard I found it... I assumed I would breeze through it.

Anyway, after returning to the forum it is amazing to see how repetitive the messages are... in a good way. It shows you that everyone who has went through C25K has went through what you are going through now, and others will be in your situation in the future.

Keep it up everyone - just don't make my mistake and stop running!

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That's pretty much where I am - although I'm starting again from week 2 - It's nice to know I'm not the only one trying again :-)

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Great for going for it again.. welcome back :)


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