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W9R1 - stiff ankles

Hi everyone - think I need some advice! Last night I completed W9R1. I postponed from Monday night as my ankles were really stiff from W8 but I really want to graduate this week so I thought I'd give it a try. I did a nice warm up and did the 30 minute run (it all went well and I felt ok once I was warmed up and running). Afterwards, I did lots of stretching and had a warm bath and used some cold spray before I went to bed. Ankles are still really stiff again today though - used some more cold spray and doing lots of wiggling of feet under my desk to keep them moving! Should I postpone completing week 9 until all the stiffness has subsided? Have promised myself some nice new running trainers for graduation so maybe these will help me? I am so enjoying being able to run (after not having done so since school - nearly 25 years ago!) so I don't want to lose the fitness that I've gained over these last 8 weeks! Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Hmmmm it does rather go with the territory but I don't think it's anything to worry about. Your body is telling you things are changing and you are exerting it more than before. Usually a day or two should see the stiffness subside. Keep moving though. If you can go out for a short walk then all the better. Chances are it will be fine in a day or so and you can get back out there and Graduate

You could have some time with your feet up at some point during the day as well as elevation does help. Ice is another good idea. Playing a chunk of ice over your ankles while you sit watching telly will help any inflammation.


Yes, I guess not having run for more than 2 decades the body is going to put up a bit of a protest! Have just been out for a walk for my lunch and I'll put my feet up tonight - a bit of TLC is always a good idea! Thank you....


I was getting stiff ankles once I was regularly running for longer intervals and a friend who runs suggested doing toe lifts and heel drops.

I do them in my stretch routine after a run.

Go up on tiptoes, hold and release. Control it. Do it both together and one foot at a time.

Stand on the bottom step with your heels sticking over edge. Lower your heels GENTLY not too far hold and release. Do it both feet together then one at a time.

This seems to have helped me, maybe give it a go.


Hi Jan-now-runs - thank you - I'll give those a try - I guess I should remember these are the first few weeks of big chunks of running so my body needs time to adjust!

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