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Almost there

Almost there , did wk 8 day 1 yesterday , found I was getting tired but couldn't stop as I didn't think I would start again , but strangest thing the last five minutes being the longest felt like I could keep going , slowing down to walk the warm down , my legs felt like jelly, , feel really great now having completed it, hoping that the next two x28 runs will feel better,

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Well done, not long now

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These last couple of weeks are all about consolidation so well done. You can always slow things down a bit ;) Not long to go now! :D

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wk 8 run 2 .did it this morning, different route which included hills and a sloping motorway bridge. which changed my pace but helped, husbands idea its his short run, if only , but I did it and felt fabulous, (tired too but strangely elated),

after heavy rain all night there were loads of puddle but just a slight drizzle, so not soaked like last weds,

so next one Friday, and I'm looking forward to it, thank you everyone for your support,


Yeah.. well done Eve. :)

If you need to take two rest days thats fine. You are doing brilliantly :)

Onwards and upwards...

Oops Didn't see your post about run 2 and you've already nailed it.

Go you... :)


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