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Well that was a revelation!

My previous 25 minute run was just a hard miserable slog. So I approached today's run, my last 25 minute run, with much trepidation. Now I am not saying I floated round on angels wings or anything but there was just one bit, for maybe 5-10 minutes, where my running and breathing came together. Of course the minute I registered that it all went tits up- but do it once, you can do it again! I also managed an almost sprint in the last 60 seconds. So I feel I have ended week 7 on a high. I am learning to listen to my body so I may do the the first run of week 8 on Thursday but if my body says no it will be the weekend or next week sometime. My intention is after all to graduate not give up because it is just a miserable experience. Today is also the first time when I haven't felt like curling in a ball and sleeping for the rest of the day following a 'run' since I started my running days. I may have experienced for the first time in a long time an exercising high. Onwards and upwards 😁

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Bravo... well done you for sticking with it and not throwing in the towel.. or the running shoes! :)

Maybe it is coming together because you are positive about why you are doing it and maybe relaxing more...?

Absolutely great.. stay with it.. slow and steady :)

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Sounds like you hit the 'zone'... :)

Its lovely and you start to do that on these longer runs now... :) :)

Keep going onwards and upwards..

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