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Peanut butter is my new best friend!


Firstly I'd like to say a huge thank you to my fellow runners who helped me through my 'slump' last week. To recap briefly, in my effort to get generally fitter I'd been pounding away on my exercise bike every day for an hour, sweating through three Aqua classes a week and running three 5k's a week. All had been going well until last week when I hit a wall! I did a couple of runs my legs felt like lead and my energy levels were so low I wondered if anything serious was going on health wise. I sought solace from the forum. I received lots of advice and suggestions which made me look more closely, not just at the amount of exercise I'd been doing, but the intensity, bearing in mind I'm 55 yrs young only recently returning to exercise, I realised I was not resting enough but more importantly not fuelling effectively. I'd also lost a stone in weight through a slimming club in last couple months so thinking I was eating 'healthy' I've been eating salads, with small portions of protein and carbs.

So did a rethink of what I've been eating the night before planned runs and choosing peanut butter on toast before run I tentatively ventured out on Sunday... Fantastic got my mojo back ran like the wind even did a steady 6.5k and felt good. So lessons learnt for me the importance of seeing myself as a runner means I do need to take this fuelling lark more seriously if I am going to continue to improve in my distances but more importantly feel good.

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Yes, you have to fuel up properly. Not overly though as you don't need any extra grub til you're running over 10k. Good fuel is key. Quality over quantity. I love nut butters, especially almond "butter" It is way lush with sliced apples. I only have a heaped teaspoon full as its very calorific but just the thing for a healthy snack once in a while. If you've not tried it get yourself some. I like the Biona or the Meridian ones

You can make them yourself of course, and Hugh Fernly W has recipes for them, possibly online. Yum!

Thats great news bunnygirl.. :)

So pleased your energy levels are back up... Rest is just as important as exercise.

Sounds like you are on to a winning formula now. x

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