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3 runs left

Well here I am, admitted one week behind schedule thanks to the dreaded flu when I hit week 7.Now ready to start week nine and well on track to graduate the second time around. So pleased with myself for regaining my fitness after a rubbish 2015 where I did nothing.

Just need to keep motivated once C25k is complete. So any ideas feel free to comment.Would love to do a park run but need to improve my speed first very self conscious and don't want to embarrass myself.

Will post again when Graduation status resumes never thought I would be saying that again

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Wowee! Fantastic and a huge well done. Just plod through this week and you are a free runner LOL! Feels exciting but frightening doesn't it? I graduated with a parkrun in 43 minutes, they are great people there so don't feel you have to be fast to join, maybe go along for a look, chat to people there, even volunteer to steward. Your goals will be different to mine but I will share my top tips! Be determined to run 3 times a week whatever happens (unless u r injured or I'll), keep having rest days as they are important. As 30 minutes X 3 results in "significant health benefits" maybe keep doing that for a few weeks as this is a great starting place for anyone.

i went out to run for 30 minutes one day and wanted to keep going so plodded on to 5k and from then on increased my runs to 3 X 5k! Try to have running adventures, go off track, find new places, run with others. Allow speed to increase naturally without trying to prevent injury. Run on soft ground whenever you can. Enjoy it! Julie

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Parkrun is great! It's for everyone! No-one judges you honestly. It's a great place to enjoy a run with like-minded people.

Good luck with your final runs. Enjoy yourself!

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You may have already done these, but I'm enjoying the c25k + podcasts. The speed one is only 2O mins, stepping stones 30 mins and stamina 35 mins. But Laura does sort of help you with your technique. . in all of them :)


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