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Loved the workout today in that it was so varied between running 3 walking 2.5 running 5 etc. Made it more interesting. However the second 5 minute slot was a killer!!!

It's just as well no one can hear my self talk " you can do this. You can do this. I DONT WANT TO DO IT! I DONT WANT TO DO IT!!!"

Well I did it. Very tired after. I did take the advice from last week though and slowed the pace on my run, which meant I was able to do it. Probably wouldn't have achieved it if I hadn't changed pace. That's what I love about this site - so much good advice.

Best wishes to everyone for their runs this week 😀😀😀

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Well done happy hillwalker. It was a tough run that one.. but brilliant yove done it once you can get through the week :) I just done w4r 2 today and found it slightly easier .. hopefully you will also.. good luck x

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Thanks Sparky I did 😀

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Fantastic .. hope you have a great last run of the week next :)


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