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W6R3 complete but shoes?


I started this journey in January on a treadmill with the dog lying on the floor watching closely wearing an old pair of Aldi running shoes. And clock watched all the way When I completed Wk 4 i caught the lurgy and while resting found your site. After 10 days of no running, as life got in the way, recovering and deliberating Oldfloss advice to others, I redid wk4 but outside in fields behind my house.(early before anyone else is about) also got podcasts, what a revelation, no need to time myself!

Today's run was good, sun rising over the lake, woodpecker accompanying Laura, and a slight frost. But R2 I was a snail slipping and sliding everywhere, even at walk. So my question is do I need new shoes? What kind? Trail shoes? Waterproof or not? As never run before, just really confused.

I would like to thank everyone who posts here, the advice, inspiration, and general support is amazing, even to those of us who don't post.

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If you are running in fields, trail shoes are a very sound investment in the wetter months (and at any time, but particularly...). Road shoes simply do not have the grip, as you have discovered.

The good news is that you don't really need gait analysis for off road shoes like you do for road shoes, because your feet land slightly differently every time according to the differences in terrain, which simplifies things, and the other good news is they don't have to break the bank. I greatly reccomend More Miles Cheviot 2, which are a great trail shoe, if perhaps not the very lightest -although that really isn't an issue at this stage - and they can be picked up online for around the £20 mark.

SlowstartGraduate in reply to Rignold

Hi Rig, my running shoes are a size bigger than my normal shoes. What are these like size-wise?

Rignold in reply to Slowstart

I generally always go half a suze or a size up in running shoes to compensate for feet swelling on distance runs, and because some brands (Inov-8, Brooks and Saucony spring to mind) have rather narrow toeboxes for my duck-like feet. The Cheviots are fairly true to size and reasonably capacius, so mine are a half size larger than I would normally take. If that makes sense.

I would also recommend double layering socks - a thin silky pair next to the skin and a wikcing pair outside, or actual double layered running socks - Injinji are my preference.

Good driange is preferable to waterproof IMO. If you are trail running your feet are going to get wet and it is better to let the water get out than keep it (and sweat) in.

Hidden in reply to Rignold

Thank you. I'll go shopping

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