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Week 4 run 3 - Done😄

Well yesterday the snow had melted enough for me to do run 3.

Found it ok to do except the last couple of minutes of the final run but think that was because I ran quite fast at the beginning (tut tut) and then on the last part of the run had to run past lots of people on my route who were walking slower.

Week 5 starts tomorrow (work permitting) and whilst reading what is required it isn't any more than last week (well run 1 anyway!)

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Well done :)

Run 1 of week 5 does sound quite 'doable' I thought too... Whilst sat here in the warm stuffing myself with dinner after a lazy weekend lol!

I should be out there tomorrow too, good luck :)

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Well done! I'm still trying to catch you up, need to up my game this week (got W4,R2 under my belt this morning though :o)


well done on completing WK4 run 2 and good luck with run 3, Seen as my snow has gone will be definitely giving week 5 run 1 ago tonight. :)


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