Well I am just about...almost half way through the program w4r1 completed yesterday.. IT was so difficult as you may have read on my previous posts! I had been using a pair of running shoes my daughter gave me luckily we are the same size... :) So I thought I'd treat myself to some lovely new ones :) really enjoyed my afternoon looking round the sports shops.. and settled on a pair from sports direct.. they have a good selection at reasonable prices.. having 3 teenagers at home it's hard enough.. So... proceeded to ask the young assistant for my size.. she promptly brought them out from the store room..and I but I got the feeling she doubted I had a being 49 probably threw her.. but I ended up thinking..hey I know what I need.. I purchased a beautiful pair comfy and felt just right... but left the shop feeling a bit intimidated.. anyway I'm laughing now as ide love to post a pic of my New purchase..and probably..who best to ask how? Yeah..that same young assistant!! Moral of the story..don't judge a book by it's cover!!! Will take this time to wish all us amazing mums..grans..womanhood.. and any fathers out there a fabby relaxing happy MOTHER'S DAY tomorrow xxx

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  • You decided which shoes to buy, well done! When is ur first run in them? Love all my running gear, even my running pants n socks LOL

  • Monday! Although I really am terrified of it :( of it .. sorry all who are getting to w4 it may put you off..honestly don't..I'm just a woos.. lol... but... I'm no coward...not now I've challenged.myself.. I prided myself on a pair from aldi at £2

    Any any. Advice would be appreciated on how to tackle the pain during .. trust in Laura is wearing thin!

  • Slow and steady, relax and breathe deeply and slowly! Julie

  • Socks at two

  • Happy Day to you too!!

    Seen your shoes... fabualastic!!!!!

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