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Week 9 done hurrah!!

Feeling fabulous now I have done the last run before graduating! The sun shone and it was strangely warm- shock to the system after ice, gales and hail over the last nine weeks. Still finding my hip and knees are a bit unhappy the day after a run so definitely keeping the rest days as they don't bother me when I'm actually running.

Just deciding what to do next....I like the structure of the pod casts so think I'll try out one of the next sets and see how I go. Planning to do park run soon although I'm still not up to 5k in the 30mins so I haven't actually run this far yet....

To all those starting- good luck and enjoy the journey!

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Congratulations on graduating! It's great to start thinking of where you want to go with your running at this point! Good luck🙂


Fabulous running streak! Feels a little strange to be a free runner! Great though, you are running for yourself now! I graduated 26 weeks ago and still love running. I found C25k took it out of me, so after doing too much, decided to go back to 3 X 30 minutes for a couple of weeks which allowed me to settle. One day, I just wanted to keep going so I did. I plodded on for 43 minutes and did my first 5k. After that, I did 3 X 5k for many weeks as it was still a challenge.

I still have only done a 34 minute 5k and not sure I will ever do a sub 30 and I want to focus on building distance and avoiding injury.


Gently does it I think. Your whole body is still getting used to running. I graduated in Jan and I do r1 stamina c25k+ podcast, r2 increasingly long run at the mo 55 mins, r3 30-35 slow, relaxed min.

Have a look for a parkrun, charity run or similar near you and when you feel you're ready maybe see if there is a friendly running club nearby.


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